CAC04 - Chiropractic Acupuncture Certificate #4 of 4

During this session we will cover Musculoskeletal Acupuncture with Motor Point Dry Needling, Cupping.  Adjunctive Patterns 2, Internal Disorders & Moxibustion. Acupuncture Techniques, Gua Sha, Review & Final Examination.  Here is an outline for the weekend.  Please note exact times are subject to change.

Friday(4 x 50 minutes = 200 minutes (4 CE hours)

        4:00-5:40PM:  A review of the meridians emphasizingspecific points for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. (100 minutes =2 CE Hrs)

        5:40 - 6:20 PM - Break

        6:20-8:00PM:  Cupping / Ba Gua usage, techniques, types andcontraindications (100 minutes = 2 CE Hrs)

Saturday (12 x 50 minutes = 600 minutes (12 CE Hours)

        8:00-9:40AM: Extensive supervised laboratorypracticum to provide the attendee hands-on time to continue practicing specificpoint location, along with needle insertion and cupping procedures. (100 minutes= 2 CE Hrs)

        9:40 -10:00AM:  Break

        10:00 -11:40AM:  Continue Extensive supervisedlaboratory practicum to provide the attendee hands-on time to continuepracticing specific point location, along with needle insertion and cuppingprocedures. (100 minutes = 2 CE Hrs)

        11:40 AM -12:40 PM:  Lunch

        12:40-2:20PM:  A systematic approach to the treatment ofinternal disorders with acupuncture: insomnia, constipation, diarrhea,menstrual irregularities etc. (100 minutes = 2 CE Hours)

        2:20 -2:40PM - Break

        2:40 -6:00PM: Moxibustion usage, techniques, types and contraindications. A review ofthe meridians emphasizing specific points for the treatment of internaldisorders. Gua Sha - theory, uses, strokes and instrumentation commonly usedwith video demonstration identifying proper gua sha strokes, patient positionand uses. (200 minutes = 4 CE Hrs)

        6:00 -6:20PM:  Break

        6:20 -8:00PM: (100 minutes = 2 CE Hrs) Extensive supervised laboratory practicum toprovide the attendee with hands-on time to refine specific point location andneedle insertion including moxibustion techniques. 

Sunday (9 x 50 minutes = 450 minutes (9 CE Hours)

        8:00-9:40AM: Comprehensive Acupuncture review inpreparation for final exam. (100 minutes=2 CE Hrs)

        9:40-10:00AM:  Break

        10:00-11:40AM: Continue review in preparation for final exam. (100 minutes = 2 CE Hrs)

        11:40AM -12:40 PM:  Lunch

        12:40PM-3:10PM:  Point selection and common point combinationswill be discussed.  Introduction to GuestHost Technique and Korean four point will be explored.  Case studies and basic research will bepresented in an interactive way for examples in formula building. (150 minutes= 3 CE Hrs)


        4:00-6:00PM: Final written examination (120 minutes =2 CE Hrs)

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