TTL - Techniques: Thompson and Logan

This ICPA course will use lecture, dramatic audiovisual, live demonstration and hands-on mentoring. Dr. Thompson will share the tools that are used daily with children in their salutogenic practice. There are three main subjects: Thompson technique, Logan technique, and Infant examination. 
The technique portions of the module teach a solid understanding of the neurological analysis, biomechanics, indications, procedures, set-ups, and corrections. Attendees will practice their skills with mentoring during hands-on practice. Modifications and special considerations for the pediatric and pregnant populations are emphasized. 

The infant examination is taught test-by-test, demonstrated with students following along and live videos to practice along with. This examination is what all infants' initial visits and re-evaluations should look like. The examination includes primitive reflexes, tonal testing, critical observations, and spinal biomechanics. This neurological and functional exam evaluates age-appropriate health throughout their development. 

Course Goal 
Attendees will gain knowledge, skills, and confidence in practicing Thompson technique, Logan technique and examining infants. These critical tools can be immediately implemented into their current practice. Utilizing these skills, which are supported by scientific research, will encourage a natural shift towards a salutogenic and wellness model for care. 

What to Bring: 
Please bring a flexible baby doll.

Available Sessions

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