TSS - Treating Significant Syndromes with Motor Points and Chinese Medicine

This hands-on seminar focuses on treating difficult facial and constitutional syndromes with motor points.  It also highlights the symptomatology of the Eight Extraordinary meridians and how these vessels can affect the deep roots and imbalances on the DNA level.  Bell's palsy, wind stroke, TMJ, neuropathies, migraine headaches and scalp acupuncture are addressed. The instructor demonstrates all the protocols, and participants give and receive treatments.

Part one Bell's Palsy  
Part 1: Bell's Palsy and Traumatic Injury. 
  • Signs and symptoms of Bell's Palsy
  • How to differentiate Bell's Palsy from wind stroke
  • The close nature of the relationship between Bell's Palsy and emotional/mental imbalances
  • Mind-regulating scalp points
  • Treatments for both face and body


Part 2: Migraine Headaches:  The Mind/Body Connection

  • migraines photoHow emotional states involve the unconscious mind, and set into motion activity in the central nervous system
  • The pathological terrain of migraines
  • The relationship to old traumas and emotional problems
  • The quality of pain
  • Signs/symptoms and treatment principles
  • Consititutional and facial needling points
  • An ancient migraine formula from The Compendium of Acupuncture


Part 3: Temporo-mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

One of the most debilitating of facial syndromes.  As acupuncturists we can address TMJ effectively with trigger and motorTMJ points, without excessive treatments.

  • The definition of, and differentiation between, motor, trigger and "ashi" points
  • The emotional terrain root causes of these imbalances
  • How to treat a clicking jaw using the internal/external pterygoid muscles
  • How to address a tight jaw by needling the masseter muscles, and bruxism with the temporalis muscles
  • Suggested facial/constitutional treatments for this syndrome

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