TNR - The Neural Reboot: Restoring Gut Health and Optimizing Brain Performance

In this new and insightful eight-hour seminar, Dr. RobSilverman elucidates the pathways that control the bidirectional signalingbetween the gut microbiome and the brain. He clarifies the inflammatoryprocesses that underlie neurodegeneration and reveals ways to manage themeffectively.

You'll come away with a thorough understanding of newfunctional medicine strategies for treating neuroinflammation, autoimmunity,and the neurological impacts of long COVID. Dr. Silverman explores the latestresearch on the value of implementing proper dietary and supplementationprotocols, removing toxins, and adding mental and physical activity. He alsodiscusses the significance of repairing gut and brain barriers and restoringthe proper function of the gut-brain axis.

This new paradigm may reduce brain and systemicinflammation, help slow neurodegeneration, and restore a balanced gutmicrobiome. You'll learn current options for blood testing and other new modalitiesthat will help you attain superior clinical outcomes for your patients. Some additionalseminar foci will include a discussion of SIBO and the science of intermittentfasting.

The practical applications from this illuminating seminarwill give you insight into a comprehensive methodology that incorporates provenpractices into a clinically integrated system-one you can apply to yourpractice immediately.

KeyClinical Takeaways:

  • Review the signs and symptoms of neuroinflammation and theprocesses that drive neurodegeneration.
  • Identify the neurological signs and symptoms of long COVIDand apply research-based protocols.
  • Utilize dietary improvements and selected supplements toreduce neuroinflammation.
  • Treatment protocols on testing to identify gut barrier andgut-brain axis imbalances.
  • Recognize that neuroplasticity plays a fluctuating butessential role in health and trauma.
  • Explicate the effects of intermittent fasting on brainhealth.
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