SSSP - 7 Steps to Strong Posture®


The global crisis in low back pain, device related syndromes like "text-neck" and aging boomers are driving an expanding relevance and value for you to serve a unique healthcare niches as the Posture Specialist. This course offers you and your patients a programmatic approach to biomechanics assessment, rehab and living well.

The world is changing like never before, and research driven clinical guidelines are highlighting the biopsychosocial impacts of body-mind interactions, especially for chronic neuromusculoskeletal conditions.  And posture is a growing concern in our slumping society.
Communicating a focus on posture aligns bio-mechanically based, evidence oriented clinicians with the rising meme of staying active.  Posture focused therapy begins with reducing restrictions to movement (i.e. spinal manipulation as well as fascial and muscle work) and then retraining neglected motion patterns toward symmetry.
In this hands-on seminar, you will learn to engage people, and then actively participate in their care by building an accurate-to-reality awareness of their body with the Strong Posture Balance-Alignment-Motion (BAM) protocols.  Created by Steven Weiniger, DC, these step-by-step motor control exercises (MCE) are used by thousands of health professionals around the world to retrain muscle and joint awareness and control with low-tech tools (eg. balls, bands, foam pads, etc.).
The 7 Steps to Strong Posture framework blends common-sense concepts and MCEs to take people on a journey to find and retrain neglected muscles and subtle motions.  Proprioceptive Posture Principle demonstrations engage people to experience subtleties of their body's posture, balance and motion in subtle was they can feel, so they can more effectively communicate their understanding of basic biomechanics.
The goal:  To educate people with the biomechanics story of their posture; and coach them, body and mind, to live active, healthy lives as the hero.

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