RON - Rely on Nei Jing to Understand Alzheimer's and Other Geriatric Diseases

brain representationToday, Alzheimer's is a common geriatric disease with very limited options for effective treatment. Thousands of years of TCM, especially the Nei Jing, contains very important theories about geriatric constitution and diseases which include conditions of memory loss, confusion, and many others. Unfortunately, the contents in Nei Jing have not been systematically summarized and applied to clinical practice today. 

This course explores Alzheimer's and some other geriatric diseases as examples to introduce and discuss important Nei Jing theories. We will explore the theories of Constitution, Zang Fu, Qi and Blood, Shen-Spirit, etc. 
You will learn important Nei Jing theories and how to apply them in today's study and clinical practice, and especially on Alzheimer's and other geriatric diseases. 
Upon successful completion of this seminar, you should be able to: 
  • Improve your knowledge of TCM, especially the Nei Jing theories that relate to Alzheimer's and other geriatric diseases
  • Increase the level of efficacy of clinical practice on Alzheimer's and geriatric diseases by using Nei Jing theories
  • Recognize the importance, the basic theories, and methods to prevent Alzheimer's and other geriatric diseases using the Nei Jing

Available Sessions