RCA22 - The Review - A Comprehensive Analysis of Today's Healthcare Topics

Industry leaders, Dan Murphy and Trevor Berry, have teamed up to discuss the most important healthcare topics during the NEW 14-hour seminar.  Many years of experience have given them keen insights and strong determination to separate facts from fiction in our rapidly evolving world.

Key topics to be discussed include brain health, pain management, cellular health, ATP issues, neurological conditions and much more.  The ever growing and changing list of healthcare issues is causing calamity within the current healthcare model, leaving many doctors without the tools and knowledge to help their patients.

Drs. Murphy and Berry will dissect these issues by providing an astute breakdown of peer reviewed literature, and clinical gems that you can simply and successfully implement into your practice.  They will be your professional guides by sharing ways you can deliver modern medical techniques and low-level laser technology to improve the health and well-being of you and your patients.  Their wealth of knowledge and experience is available to you either in-person or via live stream.

For more information and to register visit https://www.erchonia.com/seminars/

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