POI - Performance Optimization Improving Outcomes through Clinical Analysis

Join laser expert Dr. Jerome Rerucha to receive advanced treatment knowledge and detailed research trends for his NEW course. Dr. Rerucha's passion for performance will teach each clinician and/or performance specialist the importance to excel in "Active Examination?" procedures to enhance the typical table examination and treatment methods used by all clinicians that only a doctor with over 20 years of hands-on laser experience in a full-time, referral-based clinic can provide. You will gain the knowledge you need to add Low-Level Laser Therapy to your practice. But to truly optimize this proven technology with your current exam and techniques. You will also be exposed to many enhanced examination and treatment applications that can be applied immediately into your existing clinic. This seminar will focus on how to overcome the pain and opioid crisis and move beyond symptom relief to measurements of being healthy, and to maximize performance. Performance Optimization seminar applies Dr. Jerome's clinically tested proven methods, hands-on protocols, and rehabilitation techniques as applied to the general patient and how the system applies caring for start to finish and the making of world champions.

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