PMU01 - Pain Mechanism Update - the Science of Pain in Relation to Clinical Applications

Learn to view the clinical problem of chronic pain by gaining insight into the physiological and biochemical factors that perpetuate disabling chronic pain. Learn the salient points of current pain literature so you can more effectively understand how to treat chronic pain.

Discover the difference between neuroceptive and neuropathic pain and which is influenced by psychological overlay. Find out how mental state influences pain inhibition and facilitation by looking at the latest perspective on anatomy and physiology. 

Understand the chemistry of common pharmacologic agents that treat pain (like NSAIDs, corticosteroids and acetaminophen, among others). Understand how vitamin D drives chronic pain via altered periosteal metabolism and the over-expression of systemic pro-inflammatory biochemistry. 

Review the latest research on gastrointestinal dysfunction and back pain expression.

Available Sessions