OPRME - Risk Management/Ethics, Record Keeping, Documentation and Coding for the Musculoskeletal Provider

Join us for a 6-hour session that will cover topics including record keeping, documentation, coding, professional boundaries, risk management and ethics of healthcare in the chiropractic and ambulatory care setting. Short quizzes, demonstrations of audits and group discussion allow participants to actively engage in the session and practice applying the content.

Record Keeping, Documentation and Coding (2 hours)

8:30am -9:30am (1 hour): Recordkeeping

a)         Necessity of record keeping
b)         Certified EMRs
c)         Basic record keeping requirements
d)         Quiz and Q&A

9:30am - 10:30am (1 hour): Documentation standards
a)         History -HPI, ROS, PFSH
b)         Examination- general multi-system exam, single organ system examinations
c)         Medical decision making - complexity
d)         Quiz and Q&A

Professional Boundaries (1 hour)

10:30am - 11:30am: Professional boundaries of the doctor/patient relationship. Reporting of healthcare providers.


Risk Management/Ethics (3 hours)


a)     What is risk management

b)     Examples of risk management activities, process, and policy

c)     Quality assurance - examples and procedures

d)     Clinical policy and procedures

e)     HIPAA and Informed Consent Process and risk management

f)      EM coding compliance and clarification to the 2022 CMS changes

a.      EM Coding: Medical decision making/complexity vs. time

b.     CPT coding: Common and Modifiers

g)     Quiz and Q&A

To register, call Dr. Michael Krejci at 952-205-3129.

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