MPR - Motion Pattern Rehabilitation and Risk Management

Deconditioning occurs after periods of inactivity due to injury or a sedentary lifestyle.  The benefits of rehabilitation therapy require more than just handing a sheet of paper to the patient. Rehab protocols yield better outcomes and improved stability. This course will educate you on research-based assessments and treatments of aberrant motion patterns. 

This interactive two-day course will include lecture, patient demonstrations, and hands-on time to allow you to learn low-tech, innovative approaches to treating functional loss while showing proper documentation and risk management protocols.  Help your patients achieve physical independence and quality of life. This class is beneficial to the doctor and staff.

Dr. Mario Fucinari is a seasoned chiropractor of 35 years who holds certifications in compliance, sports injuries, whiplash injuries, and rehabilitation.  He has used effective protocols on sports teams, the Illinois ballet, VA patients, and post-concussion syndrome victims.  Learn common sense protocols without giving up your chiropractic roots.

Learning objectives:

  • You will be able to define "Medical Necessity" with various carriers
  • Learn examination techniques to uncover functional loss
  • Identify the concepts of range of motion and flexibility.
  • Identify and understand the ABCs of proprioception.
  • Understand how to implement low-tech rehabilitation techniques into treatment strategies to maximize performance and function
  • Determine appropriate types of feedback for your client depending on their skill level
  • Create sport-specific treatment options using athlete engagement
  • Accurately diagnose functional motion patterns
  • Learn about proprioception, VOR, and VSR disruptions
  • Understand how to assess deconditioning of the kinetic chain in chronic neck and back pain
  • Learn how to create an individualized corrective treatment rehabilitation program for your patients
  • Identify and understand rehabilitation considerations for shoulder and arm injuries.

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