MBCR23 - The Mind Body Connection: Revitalize your Practice Through Neurological Advancements

Join board certified chiropractic neurologist and low level laser expert, Trevor Berry, as he pioneers the movement to connect the hemispheres of the human body and brain. Dr. Berry's background and extensive education will help bring to light advanced treatment for the neurological and brain diseases that are greatly affecting our society. The key to brain health is understanding the mechanisms of healthy neuronal function and using techniques to prevent injury.

As a specialist in this arena, emphasis will be paid to neurological conditions and Dr. Berry's treatment of them through advanced chiropractic care, lasers, labs, balance testing and nutrition. Through screening and objective biomarkers, he will bring together the big picture on how the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system affect the body. These influencers stretch far beyond the complex information and pain presentations in clinic, but to long-term neurological issues. 

During this 12-hour CE seminar Dr. Berry will show you a clear and simple path to invigorate your practice and energize you to change your life and the lives of your family and patients.

For more information or to register visit:  https://www.erchonia.com/seminars/

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