Course Detail: MBC - The Mind Body Connection Revitalize Your Practice Through Neurological Advancements

  • Understand Basic Neurophysiology - the mechanism of healthy neuronal function and the foundation for neuroplasticity
  • Summarize & Explain Neuropathophysiology.
  • Categorize the mechanisms of neuronal disruption and cell death
  • Describe how lasers effect the common causes of neuronal injury
  • Measure the economic impact of neurological conditions in America.
  • Empathize Neuro degeneration and pain conditions and how we can influence the economic burden.
  • Reproduce technique to influence the central nervous system and human body function
  • Critique technology implementation for today's practice
  • Integrate balance testing through using objective biomarkers for outcome assessments
  • Justify condition specific technique and applications for the most common neurological and chiropractic conditions
  • Outline FDA Market Cleared laser research and clinical applications
  • Support medical necessity through FDA cleared research
  • Demonstrate hands-on applications through workshops and their influence on the central nervous system
  • Summarize review of research, physiology, clinical applications and techniques
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