JBR22 - Joint and Biomechanical Restoration: Stopping the Pain Cycle

Dr. Brock's extensive knowledge of neurology, functional medicine, regenerative medicine, laboratory intervention and nutrition support proves vital as he focuses on maximizing musculoskeletal and joint health.  He has a background of thorough study, including Harvard Medical School, Stamford University, Duke University and presently the goal of getting a Ph.D. 

He will cover patient examinations, progressive practice techniques, including labs, orthopedic testing, soft tissue manipulation, nutrition and low-level laser techniques for neurological rehab of all joints. Critical points, including common pathologies, biomechanics, standard entrapment zones and compartmental injuries, will be covered.  Learn the why, where, when and how for intervention through demonstrations. 


  • Assess and evaluate joints of the body to determine technique
  • Examine common conditions and pathologies
  • Apply diagnostic laboratory analysis for patient treatment of pain indications
  • Demonstrate orthopedic testing for joint and biomechanical restoration
  • Apply soft tissue manipulation to assist in pain reduction
  • Use laser treatment in conjunction with other treatments
  • Interpolate nutritional support for maximum recovery
  • Justify multi-faceted treatment protocol through various techniques

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