HTI - How to Incorporate Nutritional Therapy into a Practice

Would you like to learn how to incorporate a functional medicine into your existing practice? This course offers you an opportunity to:
  1. Understand basic concepts of functional medicine
  2. How to do a functional medicine case history
  3. How to utilize electro-dermal screening
  4. How to utilize Saliva analysis, blood analysis and DNA testing and understand the basis of each one as it relates to nutritional deficiencies and body system imbalances: 
  5. How to utilize acupressure to determine body system imbalances
  6. How to incorporate vertebral subluxation levels with specific body imbalances
  7. How to incorporate microcurrent therapy for healing and pain reduction
  8. How to utilize food allergy testing for optimum healing
  9. How to utilize DNA testing for nutritional therapy to support anti-aging, weight loss, sports performance and cosmetic enhancements
  10. How to utilize symptom surveys to correlate specific nutritional therapy with body system imbalances
  11. How to interpret specific blood markers for specific nutritional support of the thyroid, adrenals and endocrine system
  12. How to access hormonal imbalances to utilize specific nutritional therapies
  13. Overview of Biotics, Standard Process, Nutritional Frontiers and other nutritional companies in setting up a functional medicine practice inventory
  14. Review of cutting edge technologies for an effective weight loss practice
  15. Performa a gut health overview
  16. How to utilize glutathione and nucleotide therapies
  17. How to communicate to you patients about functional medicine

Seminar Location
Museum of Arts and Sciences, 352 S. Nova Rd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Available Sessions