HES22 - Health & Endurance: A Strategic Roadmap to Longevity & Wellness

In this NEW 12-hour CE course, university professor and research expert Dr. Dan Murphy DC, DABCO collaborates with Dr. Andre Camelli to provide you with a roadmap to maximizing longevity and improving health.

These two experts will show you how to optimize structure and function through poly-therapeutic intervention programs that develop superior clinical outcomes. In addition, Dr. Murphy will discuss key physiological concepts.

Seminar topics include chiropractic care, laser therapy, increasing ATP & mitochondrial function, diet, exercise, brain health and state-of-the-art technologies tailored for improving health and managing common clinical syndromes.

Dr. Andre Camelli furthers this knowledge by bringing low-level laser cellular effects into your practice. By integrating high intensity interval training, strength training and other proven modalities, cellular ATP and lactic acid thresholds are positively affected to establish health and endurance for peak longevity.

Drs. Murphy and Camelli will expand your treatment options by showing you practical and easily repeatable hands-on techniques. While workshopping at this seminar, you will learn how to quickly implement these strategies, techniques & information for even greater success in your clinic.

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