DTF - Defining the Future of Laser-Based Care - Changing the Orthopedic and Neurological Treatment Paradigm

Doctors of chiropractic can facilitate wellness and lifestyle changes to bring about patient recovery and restoration of health by incorporating low-level laser therapy.

Low-level laser is a modality that has become contemporary in its capacity to enhance patient recovery from pain and function by enhancing the photochemical properties of cellular function. The photochemistry upregulation that occurs while using low-level laser therapy has the potential to positively influence tissue, enhance neural circuits, reduce pain, and enhance orthopedic and biomechanical factors.

Applying low-level laser to a patient can be life-changing in many clinical scenarios by optimizing systems physiology.  This course will give you a comprehensive overview of enhancing patient recovery by staking new low-level laser therapy (LLLT) principles and modalities for optimal health. This available modality demonstrates patient safety and FDA evaluation and has a promising current and future impact on how manual therapists, nutritionists, and medical providers offer and combine therapeutic services.

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