DOT01 - DOT Drug Testing and Alcohol Screening Training Certification Course

You and your staff can learn to perform DOT Alcohol Screening and Drug testing services which enable you to immediately provide new services in your practice.  You will accomplish the federal compliance requirements that include completing an instructional course and demonstrating proficiency to become officially qualified to perform DOT drug and alcohol testing services.

Upon completion of the course, you will:

  • Become fully knowledgeable about the federal administrative laws providing the framework for the role and responsibilities of the technician for maintaining integrity of the testing process; ensuring security of the testing site; managing donors subject to testing; and specific procedures of DOT drug and alcohol testing.
  • Learn about the expanded combined-workplace (DOT and general workforce) substance testing market, transportation industry testing, correctional facilities, concerned parents, teams, and other markets in need of testing services.
  • Learn about chiropractic's longstanding reputation among U.S. business of being at the forefront for providing DOT testing (and general workforce) testing services.
  • Understand the public and occupational health problem of substance abuse invading U.S. workplaces.
  • Understand the benefits to you and local employers for providing all DOT services 'under one roof', and learn how, in the provision of these services, you may segue to providing an array of other services for employee health and safety.

Available Sessions

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