CHW02 - Onsite Chiropractic Care and Corporate Consulting Certificate #2 of 3: The Occupational Health Consultant

Today's employers are calling upon experts in employee health and injury prevention to help with cost containment of health expenditures. This course provides expertise for professionals who provide consultation to employers for the maintenance of employee health and reduce the high rate of work-related neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) disorders.

Course Objectives:
When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of this course and how it contributes to the overall 30 Hour On-Site Certificate Program
    • Meet your subject matter experts and instructors
    • Learn the history of Occupational Health and Wellness
    • Gather resources and understand the purpose of major federal and national organizations
    • Know and identify common terms and definitions in this field of study
    • Comprehend the basic characteristics of a successful occupational consultant
    • Discover the benefits of On-Site Care
    • Discover the benefits of On-Site Chiropractic Care
    • Review the benefits, strategies and challenges of On-Site Care
    • Review and interact with real case studies to deepen your knowledge and observational skills
    • Discover the steps and importance of transition from clinical care in the office to on-site care
    • Examine the multitude of on-site care services that you could provide
    • Review the Northwestern On-Site Care Model and how it works

  • Know how to navigate the course

  • Locate additional resources for the course as well as external information for organizations in the field of Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness

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