Course Detail: CCEP07 - Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner #7 of 7: Global Assessment of the Extremities

Global Assessment of Extremities recognizes theinterrelationship and the necessary intimacy of the spine to the extremities.Extremity dysfunction can and does affect the overall performance of theneuromusculoskeletal system. Thus, a "global" method of evaluation,analysis, and management is necessary.

Understanding the signs, symptoms, and syndromes in a 'wholebody' management format will solidify the practical application of theprinciples teamed in all prior modules. The most challenging patients are thosethat improve, but never completely resolve their complaints. Learn basicalgorithms that will aid in establishing or reinforcing practical proficiencyin management protocols.

This module will combine the general principles of all priormodules and the specifics of rehabilitation, extremity adjusting, orthotics andstabilization based upon the Council on Extremity Adjusting.

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