Course Detail: BMC - Beyond MTHFR Coaching

Coaching program includes weekly 80-minute group coaching and problem-solving sessions. Sessions will be held on Fridays (USA) / Saturdays (Australia) via GoTo Meeting. Program will be broken up into a 12 week "trimester" and we will cover a wide range of MTHFR-related and functional medicine concepts:1. Overview & why the gut-methylation-brain process is the key for most chronic patients2. Stomach and upper GI function3. Oxalates4. SIBO5. Gut origins of methylation, brain and neurotransmitter problems6. Blood sugar, depression, and methylation7. Brain, catecholamines, neurotransmitters and hormones8. Sleep issues and neurotransmitter methylation9. Case studies10. How to use genetic reports, OAT, DUTCH and other valuable functional medicine tests11. Supplement suggestions, protocols, lifestyle medicine concepts and more.

Available Sessions