Brain/Body FIT® Clinical Performance System

  • Apply a system to integrate the chiropractic Triad of Health; structure, nutrition, and mental/emotional. 
  • Each clinician will learn to excel in "Active Examination" ? procedures.
  • Specific patient intake, and x-ray analysis.
  • Nutrition and lab testing will be covered to teach the practitioner the greatest chemical deficiencies/imbalances and PubMed research to validate correction and the importance of maintenance through life.
  • Mental/Emotional healing - Psycho-neuro-immunology exams and correction, identifying psychological reversals, brain training techniques will be applied to remove the doctor and patient's barriers.
  • The progressions of Brain/Body FIT® Clinical Performance System is equally beneficial when applying it to either an ordinary individual or a world-class athlete. Brain/Body FIT® can also be performed on large groups (yoga studio, silver sneakers class, entire football, track gymnastics teams, etc.)
  • We live in the "Information Age." Efficient and effective patient education methods and tools are applied at every step to enhance the chiropractic experience for the patient. 
  • The attendees will learn to create a 3D Brain/Body Map® examination for enhanced patient communication and treatment priorities. 
  • Brain/Body FIT® is a complete, scoring, and educational (ROF) physiological system.  Doctors and patients know where they are, and what needs to be achieved. 
  • Research studies and FDA Clearances presented to make technology tangible and apply the advances available in examination and treatment methods. 

Available Sessions