ASA - Advanced Spinal Assessment and Adjusting for the Infant and Child

This ICPA course teaches spinal analysis and full spine adjusting for the newborn, infant and toddler populations including visual analysis and case history techniques. Spinal analysis procedures including muscle and motion palpation as well as adjusting techniques adapted from the Gonstead, Diversified and Logan Basic models will be presented. Techniques using the child drop headpiece are included. Expect extensive hands-on application. 

Course Goal 
Participants gain the skills necessary to locate and analyze vertebral subluxation and have confidence in their ability to make gentle, specific adjustments in the newborn, infant and toddler. 

What to Bring: 
Please bring a pediatric drop headpiece and a baby doll (a 20-inch baby doll is recommended). The recommendation is "Mon Bébé". Having these items will help you get the most out of your seminar experience.

Available Sessions