GMP21 - Posture Exercise Specialist

In the Posture Exercise Specialist Certification you will get a new set of power exercises for optimal alignment and better posture.

From the weekend warrior to the professional athlete, help clients become more posturally aware, gain natural, balanced alignment, build confidence.

The Posture Exercise Specialist is a first-rate Elite Specialist Credential course, with methods that create multi-sensory posture workouts that boost energy and intricate program options that challenge advanced clients.

Learning Objectives:
  • Review joint integrity modalities to improve static and active posture.
  • Explain posture safety methods to help cue and instruct safely.
  • Examine fundamental posture techniques for the beginner or new client.
  • Describe bodyweight sequences for improved posture and strength.
  • Apply dynamic posture training so the body functions as a unit.
  • Employ awareness techniques to boost posture.
  • Apply posture guidance work station guidelines.
  • Demonstrate resistance exercises that challenge advanced clients.
  • Design a structured multi-sensory posture workout.

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