GMP14 - Flexibility Injury Prevention Specialist

With the Flexibility Injury Prevention Specialist Certification you'll discover what is needed to conduct effective flexibility warm-up sessions to improve structure and support.

You'll learn how to implement flexibility corrective exercises to improve range of motion and how to design conditioning programs for clients with fun stretching techniques and coaching strategies.

This specialization is an unsurpassed Elite Specialist Credential course that will reinforce foundational and injury prevention training techniques to help you effectively instruct clients. 

You will also learn methods and design concepts important for a full recovery and to meet specific client goals safely.

Learning Objectives:
  • Examine self-care injury prevention exercise protocols.
  • Review prevention training movements for joint flexibility, pain reduction and balance and strength improvement.
  • Review corrective training techniques to restore dynamic mobility and fine motor control.
  • Examine structured routines for key muscle groups.
  • Apply suitable instructional cues with flexibility safety methods.
  • Explain balance integrations with flexibility techniques.
  • Describe resistance mobility sequences for increased range of motion and strength.
  • Demonstrate functional flexibility exercises to decrease injury and improve 

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