GMP13 - Flexibility Assessment Specialist

With the Flexibility Assessment Specialist Certification you will gain cutting-edge, evidence-based sports performance exercise principles to eliminate pain and the ability to systematically assess your clients. You will master the science behind flexibility, movement and performance.

The Flexibility Assessment Specialist is a first-class Elite Specialist Credential program that will provide you with a training system and techniques to train weaknesses for a symmetrical and balanced body.

Learning Objectives:
  • Examine movement analysis to improve active range of motion.
  • Review stretching physiology.
  • Recognize how to select the right stretches.
  • Identify safe stretching routine practices.
  • Explain the different types of stretching categories.
  • Identify which stretching method to use in recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Assess individuals for tightness or dysfunction.
  • Apply your flexibility assessment knowledge to create personalized training programs.
  • Demonstrate functional stretches for improved sports performance.
  • Plan a flexibility and mobility sports screening event.

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