GMP08 - Core Fit Exercise Specialist

The Core Fit Exercise Specialist provides innovative training solutions for safe and effective circuit-based core training workouts.You'll gain a library of the best core training exercises to keep your abs and back safe from injury. 

The Core Fit Exercise Specialist is an unmatched Elite Specialist Credential that provides the tools you need to be an authority on core strategies and methods and build champions for all fitness levels. 

Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe a series of foundational exercises. 
  • Review how to reconnect the core. 
  • Define reactive neuromuscular core techniques. 
  • Explain movement analysis principles. 
  • Examine lower back and abdominal training. 
  • Apply specific core health and fitness intervention solutions. 
  • Describe core spinal stability and fluidity techniques. 
  • Practice active core strength and endurance training modalities. 
  • Demonstrate core conditioning programs.

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