GMP07 - Core Fit Corrective Exercise Specialist

The Core Fit Corrective Exercise Specialist provides an entire repertoire of functional core training exercises for spinal stability and mobility to address an individual's specific physical needs. 

You'll gain sound corrective concepts that are accessible, reproducible in practice and mesh intelligently with any rehabilitation program.Plus you will obtain a new set of specialized exercise therapy exercises to maintain and restore posture and balance. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Outline core injury prevention programs. 
  • Describe functional core concepts to meet specific training goals. 
  • Recognize how to properly link the upper and lower body to minimize injury risk. 
  • Describe spine-based movement strategies for a stable lower back. 
  • Describe core safety methods to cue and instruct safely. 
  • Employ core awareness techniques to decrease injury. 
  • Demonstrate corrective flexibility movements. 
  • Demonstrate foundational and advanced core corrective workouts. 
  • Demonstrate standing posture-balance exercise sequences. 
  • Plan a corrective core session to improve structure and support.

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