GMP03 - Athletic Speed and Agility Specialist

As an Athletic Speed and Agility Specialist, you will master muscle analysis principles for 150 foundational and advanced exercises and dynamic workouts to build controlled SAQ movement and power.Your muscles get stronger, your nervous system remains active and your internal organs stay healthy when you retain structural balance.The Athletic Speed and Agility Specialist Certification - an Elite Specialist Credential also gives you the anxiety management tools to prepare players mentally and physically for better performance.

  • Define whole body agility
  • Identify speed training tips
  • Examine agility science advances
  • Describe how to make plyometrics sport specific
  • Examine approaches for higher level athletic fitness
  • Relate biomechanics, speed improvement and performance
  • Define new sports-related anxiety management strategies
  • Examine techniques that solidify neuromuscular adaptations
  • Apply over 150 exercises for optimizing athletic stability
  • Develop routines for match and game day consistency
  • Demonstrate resistance training programs to retain structure

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