DOT02 - DOT Physical Exams for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME)

Prepare yourself for the Federal Motor Carrier's Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME).  Doctors of chiropractic and other license health professionals interested in conducting DOT Physical Exams need to complete training and pass the certification exam at an approved testing center.  Once you pass the certification exam, you will be added to the NRCME.  For details visit

You can be assured that we prepared our course curriculum well to accurately address all topics required to prepare you for the NRCME certification exam.  Some of these topics include:
  • FMCSA overview; legislation that affects DOT examinations
  • Role of the medical examiner; DOT medical exam requirements
  • Factors that affect commercial drivers
  • Proper driver identification and medical history
  • Educating drivers about wellness, prescriptions and OTC mediciations
  • Additional diagnostic testing requirements; referral recommendations
  • Proper FMCSA reporting and documentation
  • Medical exam certificate qualifications
National testing centers that offer the NRCME examinations:
In order to take the exam you must be licensed, certified or registered in accordance with applicable state laws and regulations to perform physical examinations, register to become a medical examiner and successfully complete this course.
Be sure to take the following with you to the test center:
  • Valid photo ID
  • Valid license to practice in your healthcare profession
  • Certificate of completion of training (CE Transcript) we provide
  • National Registry Number
Other Important Resources:
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website:
Medical Review Board website:
Compliance with FMCSA's Training Curriculum
This course conforms to FMCSA's training curriculum modules and topics on regulations and guidelines for conducting CMV driver medical examinations.  FMCSA regulations and guidelines are reviewed regularly, and the training is updated as required.
Re-certification - every 5 years
The FMCSA is planning to create an online re-certification course. Until it is created you will be granted an extension and do not have to re-certify every 5 years.

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