ANM - Applying Narrative Medicine Techniques

Learn how to improve understanding of your patients and yourself by developing narrative competence. Through in-class exercises which include attentively reading patient illness narratives, looking at artistic portrayals of suffering, reflective writing about your own experiences in the presence of illness, and by crafting a parallel chart, you will acquire all the basic humanistic skills you need to create your own narrative-medicine toolbox.

Learning objectives include:
  • Learn to apply specific narrative medicine techniques to improve how you recognize, absorb, interpret and are moved by what your patients tell you.
  • Apply narrative tools clinically to better comprehend your patients' experiences as well as your own interactions with those who are ill.
  • Develop narrative competency as a proven means to improve your doctor-patient relationships and self-understanding as healers.
  • Learn structure that works to establish a narrative-medicine program.
Suggested reading list:

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