GMP17 - Homeopathy and Sport Wellness Specialist

The Homeopathy and Sports Wellness Specialist Certification provides solutions on a natural system of medicine that offers extended answers to many health concerns.

Study why homeopathic products help heal and prevent potential musculoskeletal injuries and how they give faster, more dynamic results for sports performance enhancement.

The program delivers information on popular treatments for all types of skin diseases, joint diseases, auto-immune diseases, as well as colds and flues. Get to know why all ages can safely use and benefit from homeopathy and maximize health potential and share your new knowledge with a wide range of clients.

Nutrition and supplements work on a biochemical level, but homeopathy works bioenergetically. 

In addition to your nutrition advice:
  • Educate individuals on this scientific system of health care and how it activates the body's powerful, innate healing resources.
  • Counsel clients on this remarkable healing art, that has amazing therapeutic abilities reaching deep within our nervous system, correcting a range of acute and chronic weaknesses.
  • Inform individuals why homeopathic products are safe and effective therapeutic solutions offering a deep acting, lasting relief therapy to address the roots of disease, free from side effects.

After you purchase this course, we will refer your order to our partner, GMP Fitness.  They will contact you via email within 2 business days with the course access information.

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