GMP06 - Balance Therapy and Functional Training Specialist

With the Balance Therapy and Functional Training Specialist you will master over 150 exercises for optimizing balance and stability and be able to integrate these programs for all skill levels.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Relate proper posture and core stability to balance. 
  • Recognize exercise precautions for all age groups. 
  • Describe balance therapy exercises. 
  • Define proprioceptive awareness. 
  • Examine important client cues. 
  • Explain the benefits of barefoot training. 
  • Demonstrate balance progressions. 
  • Practice pelvic floor activation and neutral position. 
  • Recognize when to add low-tech fitness tools. 
  • Practice a proprioceptive warm-up. 
  • Demonstrate core base exercises and safe balance progressions. 
  • Create functional balance therapy exercise routines

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