GMP05 - Balance Assessment and Injury Prevention Specialist

The Balance Assessment and Injury Prevention Specialist Certification provides an in-depth understanding of how to conduct assessments for function, combined with injury prevention methods to improve balance training.

Athletes, coaches and trainers rely on balance to develop and improve athletic performance. With this unsurpassed Elite Specialist Credential, you will be able to identify functional weaknesses and correct imbalances to concentrate on maximizing stability and balance and refining sport-specific movement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review gait analysis
  • Explain proprioception after a sports injury
  • Relate balance with the central nervous system
  • Identify proprioception exercises for balance and strength
  • Examine an ACL prevention program
  • Recognize how to prevent ankle sprains
  • Explain plasticity and brain mapping
  • Describe the physiological mechanisms responsible for balance development
  • Assess individuals for movement dysfunctions, weakness, tightness and/or altered movement patterns
  • Apply balance improvement strategies for older adults
  • Demonstrate balance injury prevention programs to maintain body stability

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