Course Detail: RWI - Revolutionary Wellness: An Integrative Approach to Health

~Pain Topics~Pathogenesis of Cumulative (Repetitive) Trauma Disorder.NMS (neuromusculoskeletal) detonation sequenceLeading to musculoskeletal breakdown at an increasing rateClinical Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Injuries.Anatomy biomechanics of the joint differential diagnosis. Review of causes of injury, ortho/neuro tests, injury treatments, protocols including laser, exercise, rehab, nutrition and taping. Patient case studies for each of the conditions will be reviewed.Building the Ultimate Back: from Chronic Back Pain to High Performance.Hands-On Algorithm Explaining Laser Therapy & Application During the Correlated Stages of Healing.Vagus Nerve Stimulation.Neurodynamic Tests - Assessment of sensitivity of whole nervous system and practical breakdown of each nerve with protocols to turn the individual nerves and/or nervous system.Nerve-flossing exercises - demonstration of exercise that play an integral role in neurological recovery ~Non-Invasive Fat Loss Topics~America's Obesity EpidemicThe obesity epidemic now affects more than half of all Americans. The causes are multifactorial. We will review the primary culprits.Strategies to Improve Body Composition and Reduce Obesity - Functional Nutrition provides many effective strategies for weight loss and improving body composition. ~Nutrition Topics~Dr. Rob's Gut Matrix - The evolving field of gut health is one of the most exciting developments in Functional Nutrition. In this module, attendees will get a solid understanding of the gut microbiome and its importance.The Human Microbiome - New Insights into How Our Microbial Community Affects Health and Disease.Nutritional strategies for blood-brain barrier integrityGut reaction: restore digestive health through nutritionNutritional Protocols for Treating Concussion & Neurodegenerative Diseases.Please visit to register.

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