Course Detail: RCP - Radiology in the Chiropractic Practice: Considerations, Conditions, and Case Studies

  • Review real-life Chiropractic radiology case studies, including pertinent case history, sent in by referring chiropractors.
  • Review detection, description, differential diagnosis, and decision making for each case.
  • Implications for clinical practice
  • What radiographs should be ordered?  What advanced imaging is necessary?
  • Any lab work required?
  • Any referrals and to whom?
  • How does this diagnosis impact your treatment plan?
  • What are the associations and complications of the disease process that impact patient care?
  • Spine and extremity cases will be utilized including predominantly trauma, tumor (including infections), arthritis, and congenital conditions.
  • Most common fractures/injuries of the upper extremities
  • Review musculoskeletal plain film case studies
  • Review the imaging characteristics of Modic changes with emphasis on Modic I change
  • Discuss the different causes/current theories of Modic I change
  • Discussion on specific treatment for Modic I change
  • Illustrate through case studies the importance and means of diagnosing patients in the field of imaging.
  • Review when and what advanced imaging to utilize.
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