DDSDA15 - "Sciatica" and Differential Assessment (CO)

Join us for a live webinar and get 15 CE hours (including 4 record keeping) for your Colorado license renewal. We have also applied to MN for 15 regular hours.

What is causing the low back symptoms? This assessment isneeded to arrive at a correct diagnosis. What is causing the low back pain/clinical picture in this patient?    Is this a condition the chiropractor cantreat or should it be referred?  Thisclass will help with the evaluation of the patient, taking the information anddeveloping a differential diagnosis, and setting up a Care Plan that isevidence based.  Are the leg symptomsfrom the low back, or are the leg symptoms from a leg condition? The correctdiagnosis is needed as to what is causing the leg symptoms.

Please note: CE and online requirements vary from state-to-state.  It is the doctors responsibility to know your individual state requirements and any recent changes. This is a live webinar presented interactively.

Available Sessions