Course Detail: AIC21 - Advancements in Clinical Research and Innovative Practices in Functional Medicine

Stress, pain, and addictions form an intersecting triad of problems plaguing all modern industrial societies. Each of these can be a cause and an effect, a trigger and a mediator. All three are fundamental underlying causes of morbidity and mortality, and can be linked together in various ways. At IFM's 2019 Annual International Conference (AIC), Stress, Pain, and Addiction: Transformative Treatments and Innovative Solutions, researchers and clinicians will delve into the myriad of ways in which these issues, individually and collectively, impact health. IFM will connect the research on how we can help our patients overcome the chronic diseases that result.

Chronic stress can both exacerbate chronic pain conditions and trigger various states of physical or emotional pain. There is also solid evidence for a strong link between early-life and later-life chronic stress and increased risk of various addictions. The link between chronic pain and drug addiction is well known. This conference will present the cutting-edge science regarding the interactions among this triad and demonstrate how the Functional Medicine approach can help with these drivers of modern, chronic disease.

  • Improve clinicians' competence in assessing chronic stress, pain, and addiction.
  • Provide transformative treatments and innovative solutions for stress, pain, and addictions.
  • Demonstrate how Functional Medicine addresses and improves these chronic health issues.
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