Course Detail: NASE - State Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Exam

Are you preparing to be a Certified Nurse Assistant? Whether you are a student in one of Lake Region State College's Nurse Assistant Training Programs, completed training through another program, or are studying on your own, you may test with us!

Students enrolled in or registering for training are highly encouraged to register for a spot in an exam scheduled as closely to their last day of training as possible.

What to Expect
The state CNA exam consists of two in-person examinations: the knowledge exam and the skills exam. The knowledge exam is a 72-question multiple choice exam completed on a computer within a period of 90 minutes. The skills exam is completed in a lab setting where candidates demonstrate three (3) to five (5) skills with an actor and a RN test examiner within a 30-minute period. Candidates are required to take both portions of the exam on the same day.

On exam day, candidates usually will be scheduled to complete the knowledge exam first, with skills testing scheduled second. Candidates will be scheduled for a skills exam appointment time after arriving to the exam. Candidates are not required to wear scrubs for testing.

How to Register
1) Register for a spot online with a credit card, debit card, or ACH payment by choosing one of the test dates listed below. Or, call the TrainND Northeast office during normal business hours to pay the registration fee over the phone. A facility or third party sponsor needing an invoice for a registration can call the TrainND office or email to submit a request for an invoice.

2) Submit a completed Headmaster 1101ND Testing Application to TrainND via email, fax, or mail. Application forms must be submitted to TrainND no later than 5 days prior to the exam date. Please indicate which exam date you are registering for on your application.
Fax:  701-665-4670
Mail:  Lake Region State College
Attn: TrainND Northeast
1801 College Dr N
Devils Lake, ND 58301

Required Identification
On exam day, candidates are required to present their Social Security Card in addition to an acceptable photo ID during check-in. Students who do not have acceptable identification will be turned away from testing and testing fees will be forfeited. Please review pages 2-3 of Headmaster's North Dakota Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook for a list of acceptable forms of identification.

Testing Location
Lake Region State College Bergstrom Technical Center
1801 College Drive North
Devils Lake, ND

Candidates needing accommodations for taking the exam must first seek approval from Headmaster before the accommodations will be allowed on test day. Candidates must complete Headmaster's ADA Accommodation 1404 Form and submit to Headmaster according to the directions in advance of the test date. A link to the form can be found on their website:

Candidates must be able to perform the skills presented to them. Those in crutches or wearing a brace due to injury or otherwise will not be able to test and should schedule to take the exam after the device is no longer needed.

Preparing for the Exam
In addition to the Nurse Assistant Training options we provide, there are additional resources candidates can access to prepare for the exam. Although it's encouraged to complete some training prior to taking the exam, North Dakota does not require candidates to complete training. Candidates who fall into this category are considered to be challenging the exam.

Headmaster, the test vendor, offers a limited number of knowledge exam questions free of charge, in addition to practice exams for purchase on their website:

Information about the skills candidates may be tested on can be found in Headmaster's North Dakota Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook.

Important Changes Regarding Challenging the State CNA Exam
North Dakota Health and Human Services has advised ND long-term care facilities of a change coming to challenging the state CNA exam. As of July 1, 2024, candidates will need to have completed a state-approved training program prior to testing. Being specific details regarding a candidate's ability to challenge or retest after this date have not yet been determined, candidates are encouraged to reach out to the North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry to inquire about their eligibility to test beginning July 1, 2024. Contact information for the ND Nurse Aide Registry is listed below under the Felony Disclosure section.

Felony Disclosure
According to ND Administrative Code 33-43-01-03 and 33-43-01-22, CNA class applicants with a history that includes conviction of a crime substantially related to the qualifications, functions, or duties of a certified nurse aide, home health aide, nurse aide, or medication assistant may not be allowed to begin the training program or take the state certification exam without providing specific information relating to their background, criminal history, or impairment. An arrest, conviction, plea, or adjudication that occurred as a juvenile or through juvenile court authorities also applies.

Students must complete a criminal history questionnaire at the time of enrollment in the exam. All information disclosed will be reviewed by TrainND Northeast and, if necessary, by the North Dakota Department of Health before students will be allowed to test.

Students who have had a prior felony charge may want to inquire with the North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry regarding their eligibility to work as a CNA prior to registering for training.

For more information contact the North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry:
1720 Burlington Drive, Suite A
Bismarck, ND 58504-7736
Phone:  701-328-2353
Fax:  701-328-1890

Exam Results
Candidates will find out the results of their exams after 7pm the following business day. Candidates will be emailed the results of their exam. If an email isn't received, results can be found by using the search feature on Headmaster's website:

If a candidate fails one or both portions of the exam, the candidate may retest the portion(s) of the exam. Retesting the full exam (both portions) is a $250 fee. Retest fees are $95 for the knowledge/written exam and $195 for the skills exam.

Testing Locations
If testing availability at LRSC isn't a fit, candidates can research other test sites for a suitable exam date/location. Headmaster keeps a current list of test sites on their website.

Notice to Students Regarding Prohibition of Charge & Reimbursement Requirements
Students registering for state testing should review the memorandum from North Dakota Health and Human Services regarding being charged for enrollment in state CNA testing or a nurse aide training program. A link to this document can be found in the Additional Resources section below.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation more than 5 days prior to exam date results in a 25% cancellation fee based on the test fee. Cancellation 5 days or less to the exam date results in no refund.

Course Resources
Headmaster State CNA Exam Candidate Handbook
Headmaster 1101ND State CNA Exam Application : Use this link to fill out the state CNA exam application online, save a copy to your computer, then submit via email to
ND Health & Human Services Memo Re: Nurse Assistant Training & Testing Prohibition of Charge & Reimbursement (PDF Document)
NDHHS Memo Re: State CNA Exam Requirements as of July 1, 2024 (PDF Document)

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