Course Detail: CNAB - Nurse Assistant (CNA) Training Program (Online with Face-to-Face Labs & Clinical)

This online training program consists of a combination of 4 weeks of Nurse Assistant theory in an online setting in addition to face-to-face lab and clinical instruction. Students complete 4 weeks of online coursework, then attend labs and clinicals in person on a predetermined schedule.

The training program is delivered in an online format that involves logging into an online class to complete coursework and participate in discussions for a period of four (4) weeks.  During this time, students will have assignments, discussion boards, quizzes, and exams to complete each week.  Coursework is generally due on Sundays with the next week's assignments/coursework being available each Monday.  Following the 4-week online potion, students attend two (2) 8-hour in-person lab days and two (2) 8-hour in-person clinical days.   Students will be scheduled to take the state certification exam on a date generally within two (2) weeks of the last day of class, which upon passing, will certify them as a Certified Nurse Assistant in North Dakota.

Participants are required to complete the two (2) 8-hour lab days and two (2) 8-hour clinical days as part of the training.  In-person lab is scheduled to occur November 6 & 7, 2021 from 8:00AM - 5:00PM at Bergstrom Technical Center, Lake Region State College, 1801 College Dr N, Devils Lake, ND 58301.  In-person clinical is scheduled to take place November 13 & 14, 2021 from 6:00AM - 3:00PM at Eventide Heartland Care Center, Devils Lake, ND 58301.

Students will be required to follow COVID-19 safety protocols during face-to-face lab and clinical sessions. This includes wearing a mask while in class at Lake Region State College and during clinical at Eventide Heartland.  For more details, contact TrainND at 701-662-1578.

Prerequisites:  This cohort of students will be attending clinical at a long-term care facility.  Students are required to submit Mantoux test, or Tuberculosis testing, results to TrainND by November 10, 2021.  Students must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to attending clinical and will be required to provide proof of vaccination by the November 10, 2021 deadline.  Students are also encouraged to be vaccinated for influenza for this class.

Due to COVID-19, our clinical facility will have special requirements students will need to abide by in order to participate in clinical instruction at their facility.  Students will be required to complete a health and vaccination survey, as well as be willing to complete COVID testing as required by the long-term care facility, prior to attending clinical.  Specific details will be shared with students during the course.

Students who do not provide the required Tuberculosis testing or who do not meet COVID testing, vaccination, and/or health screening requirements at the time of clinical will not be allowed to complete the clinical portion of the course, and will therefore not successfully complete the training program.

Cost includes books, training materials, laboratory fees, instruction from an experienced Registered Nurse instructor, and your first attempt at the state CNA exam held at Lake Region State College.

The online portion of the course will be accessible via Blackboard ( beginning at 4:00PM on the first day of class.  Students will not see the course listed in Blackboard after logging in until 4:00PM CST.

No college credit is awarded for completion of this course.

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions for CNA classes.

Registration for the online Nurse Assistant Training Program will close 5 days prior to the class start date.

If you have questions regarding CNA courses, please call 701-662-1578.

ESL students are highly recommended to take an English assessment exam prior to registration. Information about TOEFL testing availability can be found here.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation more than 5 days prior to start of training results in a 25% cancellation fee based on the class fee. Cancellation 5 days or less to the start of training results in no refund.

By registering for this course, you agree to the attendance policy listed in the sample training program syllabus, and the cancellation policy noted above.

LRSC is an equal opportunity institution. For disability accommodation, please contact Sandi Lillehaugen, Human Resource Manager, Lake Region State College, (701) 662-1543.

Course Resources
TrainND TB Policy (PDF Document) : Students are on their own for tuberculosis testing and need to arrange to be tested either one their own or through an employer or sponsor. Test results need to be provided to the TrainND office prior to the student attending clinical.
FERPA Release (PDF Document) : Optional Form - Necessary if a sponsor, employer, or parent needs to notified about student's progress in the course.
Headmaster State CNA Exam Candidate Handbook (PDF Document)
Headmaster 1101ND State CNA Exam Application : Use this link to fill out and save an application online to take the state CNA exam.
Online-Blended Nurse Assistant Example Syllabus - Revised 9.1.21 (PDF Document)

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