Course Detail: SCTW - Serving the Customer in Today's World

Learn how to serve today's customers with this 3-hour training on customer service with TrainND Northeast's soft skills trainer Kyle Ternes!

Course Overview
According to one report, 40% of consumers switched to buying from a competitor because of its reputation for great customer service, 55% cite great service, not product or price, as their primary reason for recommending a company, and 66% said that great customer service was their primary driver for greater spending. The basis of good customer service is simple:

  • - Treat customers with respect.
  • - Make them feel heard, understood, and confident that you will do your best to ensure the issue is taken care of.
  • - Provide the information they need.
  • - Make their shopping experience easy and satisfying.
  • - Resolve issues quickly.

What makes it outstanding:

  • - Providing quality service 100% of the time. Every employee should consistently provide the same level of service with every customer.
  • - Making a personal connection with the customer. This happens on an individual level-customers don't connect with companies, they connect with individuals.
  • - Surprising the customer (in a good way).

While creating an outstanding customer experience sounds simple enough, statistics prove it remains a challenge for most. In fact, one survey found that while 80% of companies believe they provide a "superior experience" to their customers, only 8% actually do according to their customers. This program will show you what you can do to create a consistently outstanding experience for every customer.

Successful completion of this course will increase your ability to:
  • - Establish a company culture that encourages employees to create an outstanding customer experience.
  • - Identify ways to show customers you care and to make every customer interaction memorable.
  • - Explore techniques for de-escalating issues and developing loyal customers through effective problem resolution.
  • - Discover how to ensure self-service systems offer the same outstanding experience as live customer interactions.
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Course Resources
Course Overview - Serving the Customer in Today's World (PDF Document)
Learning Summary - Serving the Customer in Today's World (PDF Document)

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