Course Detail: CEPD-TRALOL - Trauma and Resilience Across the Lifespan - Start Anytime

This course is meant to expand clinicians' understanding of  integrated care perspective to working with trauma and resilience.  There are many models of integrated care and associated concepts, but the basic definition of integrated care is applying a biopsychocial understanding of health and wellness with coordinated care between primary care and behavioral health clinicians and patients/families in a culturally responsive manner (Giese & Waugh, 2017). Integrated care focuses on the interaction between medical illnesses (acute and chronic), mental health, substance abuse, health behaviors, life stressors and crises, and patterns of healthcare utilization. "Integration" may refer to consultation, co-location of primary and behavioral health clinicians, and/or a systemic view of patients, their support systems and values, and their physical and mental health. 

By the time participants complete this fully online, asynchronous course they should be able to:

1.Define integrated primary care, underserved areas/populations, trauma, adverse childhood experiences, and resilience.
2.Analyze the basic research and literature related to trauma, resilience and integrated care
3.Apply basic assessment and intervention related to trauma and resilience. 
4.Apply knowledge to prevention and intervention in behavioral health and substance abuse.

Participants may earn 5 CEs for completing each post-test with a 75 or better. 

Class Fee $15.00
Certificate Fee $5.00

 Session Information: CEPD-TRALOL-23YR1

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