Course Detail: CE-2152 - Aviation Maintenance Management


Aviation Maintenance Management is designed for corporate flight department personnel who will maintain aircraft and installed components in accordance with manufacturer's specifications and pertinent regulations in order to provide safe, secure, and efficient transportation of passengers and products, and maintain aircraft spares, supplies, and other inventories by following appropriate regulations and industry practices in order to minimize downtime and provide for efficient, safe service. Participants will also learn how to standardize technical reviews in the flight department by requiring all staff to adhere to uniform practices and accepted procedures in order to provide quality service. This course is part of our Corporate Aviation Management Certificate (CAMC) program.

Who Should Attend

Because expert aviation management affects every individual and department, professionals working in various capacities across the aviation industry can benefit from this knowledge including:

  • Business Aviation and Corporate Flight Department managers
  • Professionals working in the industry looking to advance their understanding of Business Aviation operations
  • Corporate Pilots taking on new management rolls in their Corporate Flight Department
  • NBAA members working on their initial Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) or needing points for CAM renewal and PDP/SPDP programs

Course Objectives (Satisfies NBAA: T2, T5, T8)

  • Applicable documents
  • Standard operating procedures and practices
  • General aircraft systems knowledge
  • Common maintenance control procedures for inspections, repairs, and prevention measures, including options for computerized maintenance programs
  • Manufacturer's specifications and practices
  • Manufacturer's product information systems and methods
  • Applicable airworthiness programs
  • Aviation department regulation requirements (FAR, DOT, DHS, OSHA, IRS, EEOC, FCC, EPA, ICAO-Chicago Convention, Annex 2, 6, 9, federal, state, and local laws)
  • Aircraft maintenance requirements
  • Applicable documents and available resources
  • Standard operating procedures and practices
  • Standard inventory control procedures
  • Concepts of maintenance inventory control
  • Available inventory control packages, systems, and tools
  • Shipping, receiving, securing, and storing regulations and requirements
  • Manufacturer's product information systems, specifications, and practices
  • Corporate procurement practices and financial constraints
  • Sources of quality spares
  • Basic principles required in an effective aviation department maintenance manual Management of maintenance resource
  • Human factors in maintenance resource management
  • Training requirements, pay standards and work environments
  • Basic issues of passenger satisfaction regarding reliability, service, catering, baggage, scheduling, bench-marking and passenger profiles
  • Accepted standardization techniques and operating procedures
  • Regulations, standard practices and accepted procedures
  • Aviation regulation requirements

Available Sessions