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Embry-Riddle gold eagle logoPilot's epaulette with cockpit instruments in the backgroundThis comprehensive instructor-facilitated online course prepares students to become a commercial-rated airplane pilot.

flight training, AVS1200F

This course contains no sessions
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Embry-Riddle gold eagle logoEmpty desert runwayOur Private Pilot Ground School course examines the basics of aerodynamics, aircraft performance, VFR cross-country navigation techniques, weather reports and forecasts, Federal Aviation Regulations, elements of resource management, and safe flying practices.

flight training, AVS1000F

January 1, 2023 to April 16, 2023, Online Course
Embry-Riddle gold eagle logosUAS flying low over beachPrepare for the Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft General Knowledge Test while gaining a solid background in aviation knowledge, so you can feel confident operating sUAS safely in the National Airspace System.

Registration Fee: $399.00

SUAS2000, FAA, Regulations, Navigation, Test prep, FAR


October 1-28, 2022, Online Course