Course Detail: MSM-1200 - Fuel Services Management for the FBO


Fuel Services Management for the Fixed Base Operation (FBO) is designed for professionals who want to better understand aspects of fuel services management including the ability to understand and negotiate fuel prices, forecast fuel requirements and navigate fuel regulations. Other topics include how to prepare and analyze the FBO's fuel budget, make decisions on issues related to fuel quality, safety, and efficiency.

Who Should Attend

  • Fixed Base Operator management or prospective management employees
  • Professionals working in the industry looking to advance their understanding of FBO operations

Course Objectives

  • Understand and explain the tenets of fuel services management
  • Apply principles of organizational behavior
  • Construct and produce leases and subleases
  • Construct and produce contracts and purchase orders
  • Interpret and forecast fuel requirements
  • Interpret and apply government regulations
  • Demonstrate ability to evaluate market conditions and competition
  • Evaluate and negotiate fuel prices
  • Understand and apply accounting principles
  • Extend or modify procedures to deal with factors in problem solving
  • Select and apply appropriate procedures correctly
  • Verify or justify the correctness of a procedure using concrete models or symbolic methods
  • Understand fuel inventory control and measurement
  • Utilize terminal automation in accomplishing applicable workload requirements
  • Employ and enforce regulatory safety and security requirements

Available Sessions