Certificate Detail: CAMC - Corporate Aviation Management Certificate in association with the NBAA Corporate Aviation Management (CAM)

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About the Program

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's (ERAU) Corporate Aviation Management Certificate program will prepare students, whether pilots or support personnel, to advance to management roles within aviation organizations, or get a foot in the door in the business aviation sector for a change in careers. Approved by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), Embry-Riddle's CAMC program contains 23 online courses and awards points towards the NBAA's Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) designation as well as their Professional Development (PDP) and Schedulers and Dispatchers Professional Development (SPDP) programs (PDP/SPDP). The CAMC program is run on a monthly schedule throughout the year. Each course runs 30 to 60 days and is facilitated by an instructor. With no scheduled class times or live sessions to attend, this program can accommodate the busiest schedule. In addition, each online course runs in an all-inclusive, web-based delivery with no textbooks or special software to buy. A Certificate of Completion from Embry-Riddle is awarded upon successful completion of all 23 courses.

Who Should Attend

Corporate aviation employees looking to advance their careers, and NBAA members and non-members looking to obtain their CAM designation.

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Key Topics

  • Business management
  • Corporate aircraft operations
  • Human resources
  • Leadership
  • Technical services

Course Specifics

  • Where: Online; courses are instructor facilitated and taught in an asynchronous format. All courses have scheduled start and end dates and required weekly assignments though students are not required to log in at a specified time or day during the week. Students interact with instructors and classmates through discussion boards, assignments, and email.
  • Management Domain (3 courses)
    • CE 2111: Value Proposition Analysis ($640)
    • CE 2112: Finance and Budgeting for the Corporate Flight Department ($700)
    • CE 2113: Community Relations ($400)
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  • Leadership Domain (5 courses)
    • CE 2121: Strategic Vision and Planning ($560)
    • CE 2122: Leadership and Motivation ($480)
    • CE 2123: Managerial Communications ($480)
    • CE 2124: Professional Development ($480)
    • CE 2125: Human Factors for Corporate Aviation ($700)
  • Operations Domain (3 courses)
    • CE 2131: Standard Operating Procedures and Processes ($560)
    • CE 2132: Scheduling and Dispatch ($480)
    • CE 2133: Recordkeeping and Regulatory Compliance ($400)
  • Human Resources Domain (6 courses)
    • CE 2141: Workload Management and Staffing ($400)
    • CE 2142: Employee Training Programs ($400)
    • CE 2143: Staffing and Team Building ($560)
    • CE 2144: Performance Reviews and Feedback Systems ($400)
    • CE 2145: Compensation and Reward Programs ($400)
    • CE 2146: HRM Laws and Ethics ($400)
  • Technical Services Domain (6 courses)
    • CE 2151: Aviation Safety Programs and Emergency Preparedness ($640)
    • CE 2152: Aviation Maintenance Management ($640)
    • CE 2153: Customer Service Programs ($400)
    • CE 2154: Aviation Security ($480)
    • CE 2155: Vendor Management ($400)
    • CE 2157: Aviation Safety Audits ($640)


Course Title Mandatory Year Span
Value Proposition Analysis for Aviation in association with NBAA [CE 2111] Mandatory 0
Finance and Budgeting in association with NBAA [CE 2112] Mandatory 0
Community Relations in association with NBAA [CE 2113] Mandatory 0
Strategic Vision and Planning in association with NBAA [CE 2121] Mandatory 0
Leadership and Motivation in association with NBAA [CE 2122] Mandatory 0
Leadership in Flight Department Operations [CE 2123] Mandatory 0
Professional Development in association with NBAA [CE 2124] Mandatory 0
Human Factors for Corporate Aviation in association with NBAA [CE 2125] Mandatory 0
Standard Operating Procedures and Processes in association with NBAA [CE 2131] Mandatory 0
Scheduling and Dispatch in association with NBAA [CE 2132] Mandatory 0
Record Keeping and Compliance in association with NBAA [CE 2133] Mandatory 0
Workload and Management Staffing in association with NBAA [CE 2141] Mandatory 0
Employee Training Programs in association with NBAA [CE 2142] Mandatory 0
Staffing and Team Building in association with NBAA [CE 2143] Mandatory 0
Performance Reviews and Feedback Systems in association with NBAA [CE 2144] Mandatory 0
Compensation and Reward Programs in association with NBAA [CE 2145] Mandatory 0
HRM Laws and Ethics in association with NBAA [CE 2146] Mandatory 0
Aviation Safety Programs and Emergency Preparedness in association with NBAA [CE 2151] Mandatory 0
Aviation Maintenance Management in association with NBAA [CE 2152] Mandatory 0
Customer Service Programs in association with NBAA [CE 2153] Mandatory 0
Aviation Security in association with NBAA [CE 2154] Mandatory 0
Vendor Management in association with NBAA [CE 2155] Mandatory 0
Aviation Safety Audits in association with NBAA [CE 2157] Mandatory 0

Electives Required: