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Embry-Riddle gold eagle logoQuadrotor drone on helipadThis sUAS Basic Flight Course provides basic flight training for multirotor drones with an emphasis on professional aviation standards, safety, and applications. Students will use simulation and their personal multirotor drone to complete assignments including basic and advanced maneuvers, photography and videography, and photogrammetry.

January 1-29, 2024, Online Course
April 1-29, 2024, Online Course
Embry-Riddle gold eagle logoFixed wing drone on a landing padEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University's (ERAU) sUAS Fixed Wing sUAS Flight Training Course is focused on fixed-wing flight operations. Flight operations in this course can be completed either with a fixed-wing drone, capable of autonomous flight or using a simulator. The choice of actual drone or simulator is up to each student, based on equipment availability or the regulatory environment. Students will complete assignments including aerodynamics, weight and balance, Ground Control Station (GCS) operations, photogrammetry, emergency operations, and night flying with the fixed-wing platform.

February 1-29, 2024, Online Course
May 1-28, 2024, Online Course

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