This seminar is a day seminar designed for volunteer leaders who wish to have a more in depth understanding of the dynamics of place-based economic development in order to make better choices,evaluate decisions, and set priorities.

Dates and Pricing
Each seminar is tailored to fit the specific needs of the community. Please contact us to discuss options.

Developing solutions with innovative approaches:
How to apply human-centered design thinking to your business

This course is an intensive immersion into Human-Centered Design Thinking. The course teaches participants how to identify opportunities, research and explore possible solutions, develop deep customer empathy/understanding and iterate multiple times to create game-changing solutions. The system is inherently multi-disciplinary and allows an organization or design team to take advantage of each member's unique perspective and talents.

Fundamentals of 3D Printing: How to move from an idea to a tangible device
Transforming Ideas Into Great Products is a one-day workshop designed to provide participants knowledge and hands-on experience using 3D printing (additive manufacturing) technology. The workshop is being held at the ECU Innovation Design Lab, a unique facility with over 30 MakerBot printers.

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