Course Detail: MATSYMP - ECU Material Topics Symposium


This year's symposium theme is "Forging Ahead".

The COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably altered the lives of everyone on this planet and endures as a persistent presence throughout our daily lives.  We have learned how to cope with constantly shifting landscapes and how to connect to others in a time of isolation. Even in the face of adversity, we continue to forge ahead. Following a two-year hiatus, the return of Material Topics is an opportunity to reflect on the creative innovations inspired by times of adversity.  We are excited about the melding of traditional and modern techniques and concepts, novel use of material, and opportunities to reforge our communal ties through making.

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Saturday Breakouts

  • - Maria Eife: "Digital Design and Hand Dying Techniques"
  • - Kelly Jean Conroy: "Lasercut Landscapes"
  • - Sandra McEwen: "Explorations in Champleve Enamel"
  • - Andrew Meers: "Inlay with Hand Techniques"

Sunday Breakouts

  • - Amy Roper Lyons: "Digital/Traditional: CAD and 3-D printing for plique and jour enamel vessels"
  • - Jaydan Moore: "Marrying of Metal and Low Temperature Solder"
  • - Nanette Pengelley: "Fiber Techniques in Jewelry" 
  • - Danni Xu: "Familiar Objects as Vehicles for Memories"

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