Course Detail: CSICAMP-LA - Legends of the Atlantic: Maritime Archeology and Ocean Exploration Camp

What is the Graveyard of the Atlantic? Why are there so many shipwrecks off the North Carolina Coast? Are you curious about the documentation and preservation of maritime relics? If these questions pique your interest, the dive on in with us!

During this week-long daytime program, campers will learn about maritime archeology and the processes scientists use to understand and document the history of the Atlantic. Campers will explore how shipwrecks contain clues to the past, try on dive gear, talk to maritime experts, and might even see a few wrecks up close.  Legends of the Atlantic is a great way to delve into our coast's rich maritime history and understand why it is so important to preserve. 

The camp is open to those 10-15 years of age. Each day will begin at CSI at 9 AM and will end at 3:30 PM.

Participants are welcomed to bring their own lunches to be eaten on site, outside unless otherwise arranged.

Registering Your Child for Camp

To create the account for child's camp registration,please list your child's first name and last name. Then, use your contactinformation to complete the remaining required information. Should you have anyquestions, please contact the Office of Continuing Professional Education at or 252.328.9198.

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